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15 Things You Can Only Do In Canada

Canada is a huge country with hundreds of things you can do. Here’s a list of 15 things you can only do in Canada. Okay, so maybe the ‘only’ isn’t completely accurate, maybe you can do some of these things in other places … but they are super cool things to do in Canada. Check out the list and let us know if we missed any real Canadian jewels. Aye? (That means please and thank you in Canadian.)

Zip it … Zip it good

Take a 2,200-foot long zip line adventure over whitewater and an old forest in British Columbia. If you’re an adrenalin junkie, you won’t want to miss out on this adventure.

Feed the lions of the sea

Sure you can feed sea lions at Sea World, but during a behind-the-scenes tour at the Vancouver Aquarium you’ll get to learn all about sea lions and sea otters, help the staff prepare some of their favorite treats and get up close and personal with the animals and their trainers. Cost is $25-$35.

Seek a sea serpent

Sure you’ve heard of the Loch Ness monster, but have you heard of Ogopogo? Ogopogo is a snakelike creature that is anywhere between six to 20 meters long. Ogopogo resides in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. Try to catch a peak of the creature … if you dare.

Take a fossil safari

Anyone can take an African safari (given they have the time and means to travel to Africa), but how cool would it be to take a fossil safari. During your fossil safari you’ll find dinosaur teeth and bones scattered all over the Dinosaur Park in Alberta. This area is actually one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is probably one of the richest fossil beds in the entire world.

Bask in the beauty of waterfalls

You’ve heard of Niagara Falls, but do you know anything about Edmonton’s Great Divide Waterfall? This waterfall is about 210 feet high and is actually higher than Niagara Falls. The waterfall is activated on holiday weekends during spring and summer, so if you can, make sure you head over to check it out.

Go zorbing

Zorbing. Yes, you read that right. Head on over to Canada Olympic Park (just west of Calgary) and you can participate in the latest thrill sport straight from New Zealand. What is zorbing? Basically it’s a sport where you flip and bounce down a hill in a giant hamster ball.

Go snaky

If you aren’t creeped out by slithering snakes, you’ll want to head out to Narcisse (two hours north or Winnipeg). During the spring, thousands and thousands of red-sided garter snakes meet up at the snake dens of Narcisse in a writhing and wriggling (procreating) mass of snakes for several weeks.

Golf at midnight

For all you golf enthusiasts out there, head on out to the Yellowknife Golf Club’s Canadian North midnight Classic. You’ll tee off at midnight and then play as long as you can. In 1970 a man golfed 171 holes in 33.5 hours … so if you’re looking to break the record make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

A swan parade

Stratford’s famous swans waddle from winter quarters to Avon River. Children lead this parade that is heralded by horns and trumpets. The annual swan parade helps to usher in the official start of spring.

Shediac Lobster Festival

Think you can eat more lobster than anyone else? Now’s your chance to find out. During the Shediac Lobster Festival you can take on the tasty crustacean during a nightly lobster-eating contest. The yearly festival also features a kids’ parade, live music and, of course, lobster dinners.

Lounge in a deck chair - on the Titanic

Okay, so the deck chair is just a replica at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the deck is just an oversized photograph, but still, this is a cool experience. The Titanic exhibit has a wireless operator’s log of the ship’s distress cars and one of the only intact deck chares that matches the chairs used on the Titanic. The museum also has part of the grand staircase.

Get chummy with a shark

You probably never thought you’d be pals with a shark, did you? During this adventure you’ll take cover in a shark cage while a chum click (translation: blood and guts) is spread onto the water to attract the sharks. This is a bit pricey, it will cost you about $1,000 for up to six divers. To participate in this attraction you’ll need to be a certified scuba diver … and absolutely fearless.

Celebrate Anne at Prince Edward Island

For all you Anne of Green Gables fans out there, you won’t want to miss a trip out to Prince Edward Island for a Green Gables garden party, county fair and community picnic – complete with old-fashioned games and races. During your stay, the kids can go to school in Avonlea, watch pig races and even enter an Anne look-alike contest.

Pose with a 14-foot spud

Who said Idaho is the only place that grows big potatoes? Head on out to the little town of O’Leary and check out the 14-foot potato at the 7,000-square-foot potato Museum. The museum is home to the Potato Hall of Fame, historic buildings and a collection of old farm machines.

Learn Viking manners

Take a tour of the remains of L’Anse aux Meadows – an 11th century Viking community. After visiting the remains, you can head on over to St. Anthony for a Great Viking Feast Dinner Theater. The restaurant is covered in sod and serves Jiggs dinner (salt meat with yellow split peas) with cod tongues. Remember to burp during your dinner … it’s good manners (and probably the only time it’s acceptable).

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